Disaster Relief

As the founder member of the Disaster Resource Partnership (DRP) formed at the World Economic Forum in 2004, HCC ensures that the core strengths and existing capacities of the Infrastructure and Urban Development community are mobilized during and after crisis to reduce suffering and save lives.

HCC became a co-founder and regional coordinator of the Disaster Resource Network India in November 2002. DRN India’s missions were to train private firm personnel in disaster relief, and to make plans and structures that could become operational in crises.

When disaster strikes, we’re the first responders with heavy equipment and satellite communication systems availability. Before external help arrives, we know what infrastructure has broken down, how to repair it and what the requirements are. With trained personnel in disaster response, we offer help to local authorities in rescue and relief operations.

List of initiatives

  • Bridge Collapse near CST Station, Mumbai 2019: Relief work
  • Majerhat Bridge collapse in Kolkata 2018: Rescue and Relief work
  • Bihar Floods 2017: Relief work
  • Landslides between Joshimath and Badrinath Dham 2017: Relief work
  • Kolkata flyover mishap 2016: Relief work 
  • Uttarakhand Flashfloods 2013: Disaster Relief Operations
  • West Bengal Train Accident 2011: Emergency Relief
  • Sikkim Earthquake 2011: Relief and Rehabilitation assistance
  • Leh Flash Floods 2010: Relief and Restoration Work
  • Bihar Floods 2008: Relief and Restoration
  • Bangladesh SIDR cyclone 2007
  • J&K Earthquake 2005: Relief and Rehabilitation work

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