Working at HCC

  • Culture

    ‘Growth’ at HCC has multiple levels assigned to it. Aside from being sustainable, it has to also reflect tangible development on the social, ecological, ethical and economic fronts. With an essential focus on people and places, Team HCC ensures application of the highest levels of ethics and safety procedures in everything it does.


  • Society

    At HCC, it is not just about creating world-class infrastructure; it is also about being sensitive to the impact of our projects on the immediate surroundings. We work with passion and commitment to uplift communities that surround our projects from an educational, social, civic and economic standpoint, with sustainability at the core.


  • Values

    HCC bears the responsibility of sculpting the nation’s infrastructural landscape. We are humbled by this responsibility and take great pride in maintaining the highest level of ethics. We believe in complying with local, state and national laws and regulations with transparency and integrity.


  • Safety

    Zero accidents. Zero injury loss. Zero time loss.

    HCC is firmly of the view that accidents are avoidable if the workforce is well-trained and well-informed about safety protocols. Safe work leads to high productivity and cost efficiency. If the safety of the workforce is compromised, HCC employees, sub-contractors and on-site partners are authorized – and encouraged – to cease work.


  • Sustainability

    Building a more empowered tomorrow is a responsibility we take seriously. We work on projects that present difficult sustainability challenges at every juncture – from extreme weather to global workforce management, from growing urbanization to reliable energy access and water security. The challenge is to keep up the intensity of passion to take the society forward while also striving to avoid the negative factors that progress inevitably brings.