Nuclear Power

HCC is proud to have built 5,780 MW of India's 9,580 MW of Nuclear Power generation capacity. We are among the select few in the country that can build the core of a nuclear power plant, one of the most complex structures.

  • HCC is India’s leading Nuclear power plant constructor and acknowledged associate for developing Nuclear plant construction technologies
  • HCC has built plants that account for more than 60% of India’s Nuclear Power Capacity
  • HCC has complete construction capability for a Nuclear Power Plant including;
    • Reactor & Reactor Auxiliary buildings
    • Turbine Generator Buildings
    • Balance of Plant
    • Sea-water Intake Systems
    • Pumphouses
    • Cooling Towers
    • Plant Water Systems
    • RCC Stacks / Chimneys
    • Other administrative and control room buildings
  • Extensive experience in construction of PHWR plants
  • Built India’s largest and India’s first light-water reactors at Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu


Major Projects:

  • BARC - Reactor, Lab & Spent Fuel Building, Maharashtra (Ongoing)
  • IGCAR Kalpakkam – FRFCF, Tamil Nadu (Ongoing)
  • Roopur Nuclear Power Project, Bangladesh (Ongoing)
  • Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, Units 1&2, Tamil Nadu (2010)
  • Rajasthan Atomic Power Project, Units 5&6, Rajasthan (2008)
  • Rajasthan Atomic Power Project, Units 3&4, Rajasthan (2000)
  • Kakrapar Atomic Power Project, Gujarat (1990)
  • Narora Atomic Power Project, Uttar Pradesh (1984)
  • Rajasthan Atomic Power Project, Units 1&2, Rajasthan (1971)

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