HCC's commitment to 'Responsible Infrastructure' has stood the test of time, with social commitment and environmental responsibility being an integral business goal.

We go beyond business, fulfilling our duty as a responsible corporate citizen. We consistently work towards improving the quality of life of the communities we serve, be it our organisation, the industry as a whole, or society at large.

Since we execute some of the largest and most challenging projects in the country, we take it upon ourselves to adopt sustainable practices that serve the well-being of the community - both in the immediate vicinity of its work operations and also beyond.

Focus Areas

  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Water
  • Disaster Relief
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Community initiatives
  • Environment
  • Education


  • Sustainability Reporting

    Every year HCC submits a report titled' Responsible Infrastructure' that reflects the continued progress HCC has made towards fulfilling its sustainability goals of achieving water neutrality, minimizing construction waste, zero-reportable injuries for employee health and safety

  • Water

    We at HCC understand the importance of Water conservation and hence endeavour for effective adoption of the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replenish) at all the projects. 

  • Disaster Relief

    As the founder member of the Disaster Resource Partnership (DRP) formed in the World Economic Forum in 2004, HCC ensures that the core strengths and existing capacities of the Infrastructure and Urban Development community are mobilized during and after crisis to reduce suffering and save lives.

  • HIV/AIDS awareness

    HCC's HIV/AIDS awareness programme aims to sustain optimal workplace productivity by conducting prevention, education and awareness training and reduce the spread of new infections. HCC formulated the HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy and adopted a Workplace Intervention Programme (WPI)

  • Community Initiatives

    HCC has traditionally been contributing to communities in and around its project sites, with an objective of providing services that will improve their quality of life.

  • Education

    Mr. Ajit Gulabchand, CMD, HCC has taken the lead in ideating new concepts for investment in technical education and skills enhancement.

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